Building Successful Businesses: Insights from Chris Briscoe

In this article, we delve into the journey of Chris Briscoe, the co-founder of South African sports apparel brand Solus and Apostle Movement, a revenue research and design agency. Through our conversation with Chris, we uncover the original ideas behind his businesses, the challenges he faced, the significance of mentorship, and his perspective on success.

Finding Purpose with Friends

Chris’s entrepreneurial journey began with a desire to work with friends, aiming to build something greater than themselves. The founding principle was to create businesses where collaboration and friendship thrive, fostering an environment of shared vision and growth.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Apostle Movement was born out of a need to assist small to medium startup businesses in navigating the complexities of market entry and growth. Chris recognized the limitations of traditional advertising methods for software companies and tailored his agency to offer scalable and repeatable solutions, leveraging his expertise in retail and web development tech.

Solace: Crafting a Unique Brand

In contrast, Solace, a premium active wear brand, embarked on a journey to create versatile apparel that transcends various activities. With a focus on quality and functionality, Solace aims to establish itself as a trusted brand in the South African market, navigating the challenges of local manufacturing and global competition.

Navigating Challenges

Running successful businesses comes with its share of challenges. For Apostle Movement, client acquisition and retention were pivotal, emphasizing the importance of aligning client expectations with service delivery. Solace faced the challenge of managing stakeholder expectations and maintaining cohesion between different visions within the company.

The Power of Mentorship

Chris highlights the invaluable role of mentors in his entrepreneurial journey. Mentors provide insights, guidance, and real-world experience, helping entrepreneurs navigate obstacles and avoid pitfalls. Chris emphasizes the reciprocal nature of mentorship, where both mentor and mentee benefit from knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

Success, Defined

Success varies for each business. For Apostle Movement, success lies in sustainable client relationships and delivering impactful solutions. Solace aims to establish itself as a reputable brand, focusing on product quality and market penetration. Success, for Chris, is about continuous growth, learning, and making a positive impact in the industry.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Chris emphasizes the importance of collaboration, simplicity, and working with purpose-driven individuals. He advises aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on finding the right partner, maintaining clarity in roles, and building relationships based on shared values. Additionally, he stresses the significance of continuous learning, leveraging resources like mentorship programs and online communities.


Chris Briscoe’s journey exemplifies the essence of entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, and collaboration. Through Apostle Movement and Solus, he navigates the dynamic landscape of business, driven by a vision to create meaningful impact and foster growth. Aspiring entrepreneurs can draw inspiration and insights from his experiences, paving their path to success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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